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MAXILUBE Antifriction Metal Treatment

MAXILUBE Antifriction Metal Treatment was developed over several years at Crawford Farms in Sanger, California. The plan was to make machinery run on less fuel and not break down as often. The Crawford Family's combined farming and trucking operations provided the perfect place to develop, test, and prove MAXILUBE under actual working conditions.

The antifriction metal treatment results were so good that MAXILUBE quickly spread into a wide range of applications. Our customer list soon included food processing and packing plants, manufacturing facilities, and transportation fleets. Early introduction of MAXILUBE into several classes of high-performance race cars quickly demonstrated that treated engines could win races and last more than three times as long as engines without MAXILUBE.

Provable cost-effective benefits have paid off for many loyal MAXILUBE customers, some with use histories going back more than 20 years. Our most important marketing tool is the "word-of-mouth referral", so MAXILUBE makes customer satisfaction its top priority.